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Sales & Lead Tracking for Service Industry

The Sales Prospecting Modules arm you with comprehensive tracking of sales and sales prospects. Sales people spend a tremendous amount of time tracking sales. This module will alleviate frustration and eliminate the need for time-consuming compilation of daily and weekly reports. All contacts and corresponding information are readily available at the click of a button. To learn more about sales force automation (SFA) please follow this link: SFA Defined

The Contacts and Sales Modules organize and track new opportunities including direct marketing, sales leads, bids and proposals & related documents, in preparation for turning your lead into an active customer.


Opportunities Tabs

Opportunity Tracks general sales lead contact information, and salesperson assignment data.

Contacts Organizes the individual contact names and telephone numbers related to the sales lead.

Activities Schedule any type of activity such as callbacks, and use alarms to remind you to complete important tasks.

Email Provides a module-based tool for composing and sending email to your sales lead contacts.

Documents Track non-SME documents (such as Word and Excel documents) located outside of your SME database.

Manager Notification Allows your managers to fine-tune records and view preferred information about your contacts.

Closed Lead Tabs

The data entry and display tabs for closed leads are identical to those in the Opportunities tabs. The Closed Leads Module keeps an archive of sales leads which did not become active customers, for future marketing as desired.

Direct Marketing Module

The Direct Marketing Module allows you to compile a list of sales leads for use in telemarketing or mailing.

Bids/Quotes Tabs

Totals Shows quote totals for various charge categories, including cost and profit totals. Your profit totals also include flags to help you ensure your quotes aren’t generating a loss.

Services Proposed Shows the services included in your bid.

Labor Organizes technicians and related labor in connection with your bid.

Materials Organizes products related to your bid.

Rates Shows the tax rates and premium charges for goods and services.

Documents Track non-SME documents (such as Word and Excel documents) located outside of your SME database.

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